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Air BNB/Accomodation Custom Artworks

Do you have a boutique accomodation that you want to elevate to the next level with custom art? Are you looking at ways to add content to your social media profile to share just how special and unique your accomodation is? 

Nic loves travelling and so often is staying in beautiful locations through Air Bnb's or boutique hotels. Through these adventures the opportunities arises to have a special custom piece of artwork created for your unique stay, this can include different levels of content packages. 

Air BNB/Accomodation Customs Waitlist

Add your details to Nic's Accomodation Customs Waitlist below and you'll be contacted shortly to discuss your piece further and to secure your spot for 2025! 
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Thanks for submitting! We'll be in contact shortly!

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Wedding Customs

Below are examples of Mini Wedding Customs and Standard Wedding Customs!

Travel Commissions How it works

Wedding Custom Paintings
How it works


Once you've signed up to the waitlist and we've confirmed the type of Commission (mini or normal) then;

Mini Wedding Custom; I'll be in contact to briefly discuss your idea, timeframe and confirm the size you're looking for (A3 or A4) and ask you to send me through your images you'd like to use for your piece. 

Standard Wedding Custom; I'll be in contact to briefly discuss your idea, confirm if we are using your own images (or your photographers) or if you are sending me to your epic location (if so we'll also discuss logistics of this and travel costs! and how to add in special moments from your wedding day! ), timeframe and confirm sizing (or at least a rough idea of the size you are looking for!) Then I'll be able to provide you a quote and confirm if I'm able to work within your timeframe!


Once you've confirmed the quote

You pay your 30% deposit and I book you in and let you know when I'll be in contact to discuss your piece in further detail.

Wedding Customs: When that time comes we'll either chat via email, over the phone or catch up in person to discuss your piece further, whatever you feel more comfortable with. In this meeting we will discuss more in depth what memories you're hoping to capture, talking colour pallets and vibe of your piece (don't worry, I'll lead this convo hehe). Once we have more of an idea of your piece I'll either head to the studio to start sketches or go on a site visit. 

Mini Wedding Customs: Most likely I'll be able to create a quick mock up of your piece using editing tools then be able to start on your piece straight away. If we are collating multiple images and this is a little more challenging then I may do some sketches also :)


Site visit

Wedding Custom: This is where I get to visit the location of your epic wedding, explore the surroundings, take pictures and sketches and really get a feel for the place. During 2020 I was able to complete many commission paintings from photos, so a site visit isn't always necessary, but I do love them! Once I have captured the location with sketches and photo's I'll head back to the studio, collate all the info and send you my ideas. 


Time for sketches!

Wedding Customs: From here I'll make mini mock ups of your painting through sketches, this is an opportunity for us to both clarify the idea's we have in our mind and make sure we are on the same page. We will go back and forth until you are happy with the sketch and then I'll start the final piece! Step 2 and 3 could take as little as a week to as many are needed to get this sketch just right :) 

Mini Travel Commission: As above I'll create sketches only *if* we need them to gain clarity on your piece before starting the final piece.


Time to start the final piece!

Wedding Customs: I'll start on the final piece, and once the piece is looking the way I envisioned I'll send through some photos with some progress images from along the way. This gives us an opportunity to make any changes before I start the final details and make sure you are super happy with it before I finish it off. 

Mini Wedding Custom: Once I'm happy with the piece I'll send through for your approval and will make small changes where needed :)


Final details and framing!

Wedding Custom: I'll add the final details, send images through to you to approve, if you live locally we can organise a studio visit here also :) Once the final piece has your tick of approval I'll take it to the framer (if it's being framed) and then we wait 1-3 weeks for framing to be complete. At this point I'll ask for your final payment so your piece is all paid for by the time of pick up/shipping! 

Mini Wedding Custom: I'll send through final images and once you are happy and in love with your piece I'll send through to the framer (if framing) and we wait 1-2 weeks for framing to be complete. I'll also ask for your final payment to made before shipping/pick up is arranged. 


Your piece is ready!

Depending what we discussed in our first meeting, your piece will either be shipped to you at this point, hand delivered or you'll come to my home studio in Barwon Heads to pick it up! 

This is my favourite part, I've even had clients bring their partners to the studio to show them their surprise piece that they had no idea about.

I find so much joy collaborating with clients on special pieces for themselves and their loved ones. If you'd like to work together please add your details to the Wedding Customs Waitlist above or simply email with any questions.

I can't wait to work with you!

Frequently asked questions

Do you travel interstate?

Absolutely! We can discuss all travel fees in our first meeting but I'm more than happy to travel interstate!

Do you take payment instalments?

Absolutely! We can discuss this in our first meeting but if you'd like to add in extra payments along the way we can organise that at any time. 

What is the general timeframe from start to finish?

Usually 4-8 weeks once we catch up from your book in date. This varies depending on painting complexity and how long we spend in the sketching stage. I'll keep you updated on timeframes all the way through and am committed to finishing paintings on time if they have a specific date. 

What is the general timeframe for Mini Wedding Custom?

From the agreed upon start date your Mini Wedding Custom should be ready in anywhere from 1-3 weeks + framing + shipping. 

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