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Farm Series Lookbook

This collection is a celebration of my family farm and the connection my family have to this land. We have lived here for 3 generations and so much love has been poured into this property with my Dad creating nature corridors along the paddocks and spending many years learning to work with the land to allow it to flourish. Returning back here as an adult gives me instant clarity and a feeling of calm that I think can only be experienced when out in nature, with only the sounds of the wind and wildlife to entertain you. 


In this collection I used the technique of an acrylic pour to add texture and to create an unpredictable nature to the patterns formed on each piece, then I combined this with a more realistic technique to bring each piece into an easily recognisable form. I hope the use of these techniques mimics the complexities of our natural environment and draws in the viewer to look for the fine details created, encouraging more focused attention to these details when out exploring in their own worlds.


I also hope these pieces bring an element of nostalgia as they were created in a time when I could not visit the place I longed to visit and coincidently a lot of love and longing to be in the presence of these places was poured into each piece. A small snippet of one of my Dad’s poems has been used to name each piece, with his full poem entitled 'The Farm' at the end of the page. 


I really hope you enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

Enjoy x 

There are  5 remaining pieces from this collection that are available.

The River Song

The Farmer

The Farm

Just Look Around 

Stay Strong

We would like to acknowledge the Yorta Yorta people as the Traditional Owners of the land that inspired this series, we would also like to acknowledge the Wathaurong people of the Kulin Nations as the the Traditional Owners of the land we work and live on.

We may think we have the answers

We may push our commercial world

But when it comes to the ultimate game

Nature has the ultimate resolve


As money is in the background

It's the sleeper that's for sure

When you want to grow the environment

The bank wants you to mine more


Mine the minerals in the soil

Mine the wealth it stores

Because short term wealth

Is what they want you to explore


So if you are here for the journey

If you want the land to grow

Now you are in a predicament

How do you make this financial balance so


As someone for the long term

I hate the chase of cash

The pressure it yearns

The environment it will smash


So I try to do things

That may come from plan two

Let's help the environment

But make enough money too

So I look at things

That the soil will enjoy

That gives the soil more minerals

For the plants to explore


I am looking for a journey

That has a balance within

The ability to have a profit

But the environment also wins

The Farm


I have a place

That gives you everything

Emotional love , enjoyment

A place where the family can join in


It's a place where it's beauty

It's quietness will impress

The animals and birds

A habitat with no regrets


To feel the peace it brings

The emotional love it creates

To animals of all creation

A habitat you can't dictate


This place has special meaning

I want my family to enjoy

To love and give to the environment

No money could find more


The silence is defining

The beauty is within

How can't you love a place

Where the environment is everything


In the morning sun

I watch as a child

How the wilderness unfolds

And things are so naturally wild


How we as humans

Can connect to this world

They have one thousand stories

That are yet to unfold

The living and dyeing of nature

Is the real king

For they have learnt the balance

Of what life should bring

The cost of doing this

The cost to the soil

If one bad year comes of this

The expense will make you boil


So how do you get a balance

How can you grow within

It's up to the consumer

To tell us who will win


The consumer has the power

To control what's right and wrong

To demand the quality food

That they believe is strong


So we need to tell the story

Of what we are trying to do

To create an environment

And grow food that is true


True to your health values

True to what you want done

To enhance the environment

For your children to carry on


I love the place we live in

I love the values it has

I hate the financial pressure

Of making decisions that are bad


So help me make a difference

Let's help change the world

Let's buy food that cares

For this fragile world


So this steak or bread you eat

Is from a special farm

One that wants you to feel

You are doing the environment no harm

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