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The Full Time Artist

10 steps to creating a full time creative career

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Hello hello hello,

Thankyou so much for attending The Full Time Artist Masterclass.

I really hope you enjoyed hanging out with me for the last hour and have learnt something new you can take with you in your creative practice.

I'd love if you could spend 5 minutes answering the below questions so I can continue to improve my masterclasses annnnd so I know the best way I can support creatives in the future, I really do get so much joy from helping others and want to make sure what I'm offering is the best way to do so!

Thanks so much everyone!



How did you find the presentation?
Was the information useful?
How would you describe your creative practice?
Have you ever considered getting coaching/mentoring?
Would you like to learn more about my current Mentoring with Nic program?
Would you like to hear about any future Mentoring offers/Masterclasses?

Thankyou so much for taking the time to answer these questions for me!