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Join our 3 Part Masterclass Series!
Self Guided 3 Part Masterclass Series!

All for $199.00 

Thanks for registering to our event. We'll send out more information shortly! 

3 Part Masterclass Series where I will take you through how to build structure in your business so you aren’t desperately wondering where your next creative pay-check is coming from. 

Creating structure in your business will allow you even MORE creativity in your beautiful work AND will give you clear steps to follow to build abundance and consistency in your creative income. 

PLUS you will uncover what is unique about you and the work that you do, to bring light to your unique creative voice and learn WHY your work is needed in the world.


AND we go through HOW to communicate your creative voice effectively with your audience where they simply cannot ignore you and WILL stop scrolling to dive deeper into the work you’re sharing. 


Let’s not feed into the narrative that your creative work is not worth the abundance it deserves, that it’s not changing lives and impacting the world in significant ways. 


You are a creative for a reason, now let’s harness that reason and build the lives we deserve, not the one society tells us we should be living.


Let’s THRIVE as creatives and kick the starving artist narrative to the curb. 


Join this self guided epic 3 Part Masterclass Series now!  

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About me

As someone who has built a creative business from a place of making no sales, having no clarity on my creative voice or direction, knowing no one in the creative industry and constantly worrying where and when my next pay check was coming from... to now working full time as a creative, working with dream clients, producing my soul work through collections inspired by my travels and ultimately building the life I've always dreamed of... 


I can tell you that the quickest and most effective way I built my creative business was when I started adding in structures and systems, when I started looking at my creative work as not only my passion, but also what I wanted to make a living from and started treating it for what it was - a business.

So often I see creatives whose work is amazing, who are clearly put on this earth to share this work, but are simply missing the ingredients to turn their passion into a creative business. And that's why I've created this 3 Part Masterclass Series - To walk you through the exact structures I have used to grow my business into a full time gig. 

It is an absolute dream to work with creatives and be the support to others that I wish I had earlier in my creative career, to be able to provide creatives with a roadmap of how to build the business side of their creative work so they can continue to share their work AND make a living from it. It's my mission to throw out the starving artist narrative and this masterclass series is helping to do just that! 

If you're ready to go all in for your creative practice and work out the strategy behind building your passion into your living then this series is a no brainer.

Are you in? 

Nic x 

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