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3 Part Masterclass Series where I will take you through how to have confidence in your creative business *even* through factors outside of our control like the current economic climate.

Our art is a luxury item right? 

People don't need our creative work for their basic survival needs right? It doesn't put a roof over their head or feed them or keep them safe...

BUT our creative work IS vital for the continuing growth of the economy, it is important for people's lives and it does make a difference.

Our creative work does SO much for people. 

It can create joy, remind them of good times in their lives, trigger happier memories or act as a reminder of something important. It may create calm in their life or challenge their thoughts or the thoughts of others. It may help them think in a different way and impact the way they choose to live.

Our art may not be vital for survival, but it is vital for our communities to thrive. And I want to show you how to harness this to set up your creative business to thrive *even* during tough economic times.

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Are you with me? Are you ready to take this 3 Part Masterclass Series that will guide you through the steps to have confidence in the structures of your business and confident in the next steps to take to build security and thrive from the income you bring in from your art? 

Are you serious about turning your creative practice into a business that supports your life? 

Learning the basics of setting up your business is key to seeing continual growth and setting yourself up for success.

It wasn't until I started treating my creative practice like a business that I started to see real financial growth, and I want this for you too, that's why I've made this epic series a no brainer cost of only $49.99

This is accessible to you so you can take these lessons and start implementing them right away and start to see real tangible growth. 

If you're serious about turning your creative practice into a business and are prepared to do the work to see this growth (I'm not talking about working to burnout here but instead learning the right steps to take to see actual growth) then join me below! 

Join our 3 Part Masterclass Series!
Self guided online series
All for $49.99 

Thanks for registering to our event. We'll send out more information shortly!

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