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I'm Still Here Collection

I'm still here is a collection of works celebrating some of my favourite sketches and reference images from our travels around Australia last year, and also celebrating the joy of still being here, able to follow my passion and share this with you all after a very scary car accident I had mid trip. 

Being pulled from the wreck by my partner and our travel buddy, flown to Darwin hospital and undergoing multiple surgeries to my right arm, was a very traumatic experience to say the least. And this ordeal taught me how fragile life can be, how lucky I am to be here, typing these words, able to spend time with loved ones, able to smile and laugh, and still able to follow my soul work and create pieces of work to share with you all. 

I hope each of these pieces and their poems acts as a little reminder of all the joy that surrounds us, of how lucky we are to be here in this very moment, and to make the most of each day. 

In this series, I employ techniques that I have been using since the beginning of my practice, specifically fluid pouring to replicate the textures in nature, such as the bark, trees and cliff faces. The unpredictable nature of pouring reflects the chaotic design of nature itself and I hope each piece makes you want to look a little closer at the details, to notice the fine marks and in turn, notice those fine details in your own environments, taking the time to appreciate the world we live in and the time we have in it. 

Thank you all so much for viewing this collection, please send through any enquires to 

Nic x


We would like to acknowledge the Wathaurong people of the Kulin Nations as the Traditional Owners of the land that this work was created upon and the Tradition Owners of the lands that inspire each piece of this series and pay our respect to Elders both past and present. 

Artist Statement
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