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Feb 14th-16th

3 x Pre Recorded Videos dropped each day to watch at your convience

PLUS a LIVE session with me in The Full Time Artist Collective Facebook Group where you can ask any and all questions that have come up from that days video!

This challenge is for the creatives who feel like they are showing up for their creative business, ticking all the boxes, but feel like they just aren't seeing the success they would like.


SO often I see amazing creatives whose work is epic but their messaging is simply not on point, and this is stopping them from genuinely connecting with their audience and converting them into collectors!


It could be as simple as changing the way you speak about your work, what you share about yourself and how you have conversations that could make allll the difference as to whether you are making sales or not!

PLUS if you are a creative who is starting out or perhaps wants to be showing up online more, this challenge will be perfect for you to learn what messaging is going to be effective right from the get go!


I honestly can't encourage you enough to join me, whats there to lose? Did I mention it's FREE! 

Sign up below!

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