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Calling all creative humans!

Are you craving some support and guidance in your creative business to build that thriving creative career you dream of? 


You know it’s time to go all in for your passion, you should be creating your soul work but instead you're overwhelmed with the business processes, you don’t know how to reach your audience and your bogged down going in circles with all your admin and not spending your time doing the soul work you started on this path to do. 


Imagine if you had a clear structure and guidance of what steps to take next for your unique creative career that allows you to have the time to create your soul work, so that you can reach your ideal audience and create the abundance you so desire. 


Imagine if you had support as you come across mindset wobbles or barriers, and had help to move through these roadblocks so you can continue on your path to create a thriving soul led creative business. 


You don't have to figure this path out yourself. You CAN call in the support to help you turn your passion into your purpose. 

If you are new to this space let me introduce myself;

Hiya, I'm Nic Everist, 

I wear the hats of an artist and creative mentor, as well as a bunch of others including soon to be mumma, fiance’, kelpie mum, daughter, sister, friend, coffee lover (and many more…)


And I have created a thriving creative business by deciding to fully commit to my creativity and decide that success was my only option. 


I've been the person that was working in an industry I wasn't passionate about, I've been the person who was juggling a part time job while working hard on my creative passion, trying to turn that into my everyday reality...


On my journey from my muggle job as a physiotherapist to now doing my soul work as an artist there were a lot of ups and downs. Through all these lessons I have now built a thriving creative career that has allowed me the freedoms to chase the life I've always dreamed of, like traveling Australia, visiting amazing new places, working to my own schedule and on projects that truly light me up, consistently fuelling my inspiration and having a fab time while doing so. 

In the early stages of building my creative career I experienced burnout, was stubborn and afraid of seeking the help I needed, missed opportunities due to fear of failure and taken on work that wasn't aligned with my creative vision and didn't help propel me forward...


​This isn't the creative business I want for you


What I have learnt through this journey are the lessons I want to pass on to you, I want you to have a thriving creative business, to be inspired and create unique work with ease, to have the abundance you desire to live your life fully and turn your dreams into reality.


And why do I want to do this?'


Because the one part of my creative practice that was missing was my desire to help others... I find so much joy in seeing others shine in their light and succeed in their passion. Annnnnnd I believe that as creatives we have the power to change the world...through the joy, nostalgia, thought provoking meaningful work we create, we influence those around us and impact their lives... the more creative humans that can share their gifts with the world, the better I believe the world will be.


This is possible for you too. I've created the 1:1 mentorship I wish had been available to me...

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The rising artist

The complete framework for transforming your creative passion into your thriving creative business by producing your soul work and attracting your ideal clients and collectors. 

Designed for the creative who knows they were meant to do their creative work, this program will show you how to share your creative work with the world, so you reach your ideal audience, create abundance, and have the freedom to follow your soul led career. 

Inside you'll find

  • How to create the time for your soul work without feeling overwhelmed in the admin of your creative business

  • Proven strategies to stay consistently inspired in your creative practice AND build a thriving business simultaneously without getting stuck on what step to take next

  • My best tools for working through any mindset wobbles that come up as you build your business so that you don’t feel alone or un-supported through the process.

  • This includes fortnightly mentoring from me where we can identify and dive into any barriers you are facing and create a plan moving forward

  • Plus weekly voxer support so you feel fully supported in between calls

  • You’ll have access to The Thriving Artist Method PLUS the whole course curriculum of Mentoring with Nic - my signature program to help you build the foundations of your creative career.

  • A goal planner so we can get super clear on where your creative career has been and where it is headed.

  • A social review system where we can review your social media and online presence to make sure you’re attracting the right audience for your creative work


Why is The Rising Artist different?


We offer 1:1 personalised mentoring so we can get super specific about what is going to work for YOU in your creative business.


This is not a cookie cutter approach, we provide real actionable advice and support specific to you, so you can take real life steps in your creative business AND see results. 


By the end of our time together you will have built a proven framework into your creative business that means you can be confident in your business growing consistently while you still have time to create your soul work, you will have the strategies at hand to stay consistently inspired, to evolve your craft, AND reach your ideal audience who will continue to show up as your loyal collectors as you grow your thriving creative business. 

Let's hear from past clients; 

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Nic is not only an amazing artists but a wonderful mentor. She has really helped me to break down some of the barriers that were stopping me from launching myself in the art world. I have really enjoyed her mentorship program.

Nic provides gentle and nurturing guidance to follow your own art journey. Inspiring each of us that if we are dreaming it then we need to trust ourselves and to allow us to follow our own path.

This offer is perfect for you if you are a driven creative human who wants support to build their thriving creative career, to reduce the overwhelm and uncertainty and take those steps to abundance quickly. 


This is for you if you're ready dive deeper and get to work building the business of their dreams, if you want access to tried and tested strategies, if you want the support of a mentor who has been where you are and has built a business where you are fully booked a year in advance for client work, where you sell 96% of all your amazing creations to amazing collectors who continue to show up and support you and your work.

This offer is not for you if your creative work is your hobby and you are happy to keep it that way. Or if you aren't willing to do the work, to challenge your habits and to work through your mindset wobbles to achieve success. 

Are you one of these creative humans ready to share your work with the world and create that change?


Let’s make sure this program is perfect for you

What if I have limited time?

If you feel like you are struggling to find time for your creative business then I’d say The Rising Artist is *perfect* to show you how to work your creative business into your busy schedule, where to prioritize your energy so you see the results faster, and also so we can keep you accountable and out of the procrastination station so you can build that abundance in your creative business sooner. This will then allow you to have more time to do the thing that you love and less time on the things that you don’t…. This program isn’t designed to add more to your plate, instead it’s designed to support you to use the time that you do have more effectively, to see ways in which you can build your creative business into your daily routine with ease, and therefore how to see results sooner. 


What if this price feels a lil stretchy for me? 

I absolutely know how you feel, investing in yourself and your creative business can feel a little scary and a little stretchy, but I can honestly say that when I made the decision to go all in for my creative business and invest in help, this is when I’ve seen the most growth in my business. Most of us don’t have stacks of spare cash we can use to invest in a program like this, so it starts with asking yourself if building a thriving creative career is truly what you want? Then looking at ways you can shift your priorities a little to invest in yourself and your future (maybe a lil less netflix for the next few months…:P - tongue in cheek here but you get what I mean :P)


And if this is simply not possible please reach out and let’s see if we can work out a payment plan that would be perfect for you!

This program is for you if....

If you are here, reading all the way to the bottom of this page then I know that you are passionate about building a thriving creative career, I know you can feel that drive within yourself, and I know that drive and passion is going to be what helps you to succeed. 


At this point I think it’s really helpful to sink into your body and out of your head, really listen to what you feel in this moment, and trust yourself that you are here for a reason, are you ready to take that chance and do the work to build the creative career you have always dreamed of? 

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