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Are you ready to up-level your creative business?

To create beautiful work that speaks to your soul and reaches your perfect audience again and again and again


I see you, and I know if you are here right now reading this, then you are ready

to go all in….


You know it’s time to commit to your creativity and you feel the pull to focus your attention to your passion...

Where creating, marketing and selling your creations is easeful and you feel confident and empowered doing so.


But right now you don’t know the next step to take…


Or you feel overwhelmed trying to find your audience and consistently sell your beautiful creations.

                      Imagine if you;

  • Found inspiration and ideas with ease and had confidence in bringing your unique magic to the forefront of your creative work

  • Had a creative practice that had strategies and methods that help you move through any mindset wobbles (like fear, overwhelm and uncertainty) and saw you consistently show up for your creativity 

  • Had a creative practice where you were able to reach out and attract your ideal collectors who show up for you time and time again 

  • Weren’t frightened by any aspect of showing up online and didn’t feel ‘icky’ about marketing your beautiful creations

  • Had a creative practice that provided you with opportunities through consistent considered action, and the confidence to know what opportunities will help move you forward, and what ones are not worth your time

  • Felt seen and supported by other creative women on the same path as you

  • Had a roadmap of how to continually up level your creative business again & again & again

If the thought of up-levelling your creative business has you feeling a little overwhelmed - I want you to know I’ve been where you are...

Hiya, I'm Nic, and I have created a thriving creative business by going all on my creativity and deciding that success was my only option. 

I've been the person that was working in an industry I wasn't passionate about, I've been the person who was juggling a part time job while working hard on my creative passion, trying to turn that into my everyday reality...

It has taken me a lot of learnings, a lot of ups and downs, to build a thriving creative business that has allowed me the freedoms to chase the life I've always dreamed of, like travelling Australia, visiting amazing new places, consistently fuelling my inspiration and having a fab time while doing so. 

Over this journey I have experienced burnout, been stubborn and afraid of seeking the help I needed, missed opportunities due to fear of failure and taken on work that wasn't aligned with my creative vision and didn't help propel me forward...

This isn't the creative practice I want for you

What I have learnt through this journey are the lessons I want to pass on to you, I want you to have a thriving creative business, to be inspired and create unique work with ease, to have the abundance you desire to live your life fully and turn your dreams into reality.

And why do I want to do this?'

Because the one part of my creative business that was missing was my desire to help others... I find so much joy in seeing others shine in their light and succeed in their passion. Annnnnnd I believe that as creatives we have the power to change the world...through the joy, nostalgia, thought provoking meaningful work we create, we influence those around us and impact their lives... the more creative humans that can share their gifts with the world, the better I believe the world will be.

My mission is to squash the 'Starving Artist Narrative' and you can help me do this!

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Mentoring with Nic my signature 4 month group mentoring program diving into...


The Thriving Artist Method


A complete roadmap for building the foundations of your creative career, developing your unique craft, building consistency in your practice and connecting with your ideal collectors. 


Designed for creative entrepreneurs who desire to share their inner work with the world, this program will empower you to feel confident in your creative work, enjoy showing this to the world and have ease attracting the right collectors to fall in love with your creations. 

This is just what I'm looking for.
Sign me up!

Next round starting March 2023!


At the end of our 4 months together you’ll;

  • Know how to consistently stay inspired and have confidence in creating unique and beautiful work without fear of rejection

  • Have proven strategies for consistently showing up for your creative practice and methods to work through mindset wobbles that will come up every time you grow to the next level in your business

  • Have my best tools for finding a loyal audience and converting them into collectors who will show up to support you and your work time and time again 

Here's what sets us apart from other Mentoring programs

We follow a proven framework that has worked for me to create unique collections of work that connect to my audience and sell time and time again and what my mentees are now using to build their own thriving creative careers. 


We are not a pre-recorded course, we offer Live Mentoring sessions, daily facebook question threads and social review system where we can help guide you through any barriers you are facing


We are not a cookie cutter approach but more of a tailored program that you can implement in the ways that work best for you and your creative practice.

By the end of our time together you will have a framework that will give you confidence in forming ideas for unique creations, creating these masterpieces AND showcasing them to your desired audience, converting these supporters into collectors time and time again

When you sign up for

The Thriving Artist Method...

We'll start with a get to know you questionnaire so that we can get really clear on your current creative practice and jump straight to the content you need right now

Plus we'll start with a super sexy goal planner that will help us get really clear on the direction and where we need to focus our energy to see the best results!

Annnd we'll have live group calls where you will receive hot-seat coaching support from yours truly so we can work through any barriers you are experiencing and help you create systems for moving your creative practice forward.

Plus a supportive facebook group where we can answer any questions that come up for you daily, help keep you accountable and celebrate your wins!

But wait, there's more:


2x content modules per month that help guide you through the major steps needed to building the foundations of a thriving creative business 


Masterclasses from experts in our industry that will help you build the creative practice of your dreams

Worksheets, cheatsheets and challenges 

To aid you in incorporating your new practices into your business to create processes that will continue to elevate your success 


A social review program where we have the chance to review your work, socials, websites and provide feedback on how to build upon these to move your creative practice forward


Extra content on alllll the admin tasks you need when setting up for your creative business. This will create ease around the release of your work and set you up for a successful launches of your creations

Plus 10% off all other courses offered during this time

All of this for the price of....

$650 a month for 4 months 


$600 a month if you jump in NOW to receive the early bird price!

This program is for you if....

  • You are a creative entrepreneur who wants to live from their creative practice

  • You are driven, passionate and willing to do the work to up level you’re creative business

  • You want the strategies and framework to grow an art practice that is sustainable and abundant

  • You are seeking a group of like minded women to hold you accountable, cheer you on and support you through the highs and lows of your journey

  • You’ve decided to prioritise your creative business and that success is a non-negotiable

This program is NOT for you if....

  • You are not willing to do the work required to build your creative business to new heights

  • You are stuck in the same way of thinking and are not willing to learn, evolve and be challenged to show up fully for your creative business

  • You are not willing to throw yourself into a creative community and support others in their journey

  • You do not have a creative business, this program is for women where creativity is their passion and is something they are driven to do at any and all stages of their life

Let's hear from past clients....

Vic Downey

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Nic is not only an amazing artists but a wonderful mentor. She has really helped me to break down some of the barriers that were stopping me from launching myself in the art world. I have really enjoyed her mentorship program.

Nic provides gentle and nurturing guidance to follow your own art journey. Inspiring each of us that if we are dreaming it then we need to trust ourselves and to allow us to follow our own path.

Dinah - Honeymoon Bay - 1920x780.jpg

How would you describe MWN? 

 A nurturing kick up the ass in the nicest possible way :)

If you had to recommend MWN to another artist what would you say?

*MWN* has helped me unravel some road blocks and also to navigate finding my true audience


How would you describe MWN?

Relevant, fun, friendly and motivating


If you had to recommend MWN to another artist what would you say?

Do it. I can't speak for people at other stages of the process, but as a complete newby to the local art world, i'm finding it super useful

What you'll receive if you sign up by February 18th!

You'll receive a BONUS 1:1 call with me valued at $199 booked in whenever suits you (prior, during or post the program!) 

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your creative business?


Thank you so much for being here and I am SO looking forward to working with you,




Just imagine if you took that leap into doing something for yourself and for your creativity and how it would feel on the other end, how you would feel after taking that step for yourself, committing to yourself and your creative vision, and where your creative business could be on the other side...  

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