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My Gift

100 people in a room

What am I the best at?

I can paint,

I am kind,


and devine.

Half good at sports,

half brainy,

good at memorising,

love training.

When I was young,

I was driven,

I worked hard.

I loved to create,

to sew, to paint.

To play sports,

a team game,

never the best,

but always team played.

Lacked confidence

I could not find,

which held me back from playing with pride.

I loved to paint on the computer,

to make gifts instead of buy,

to eat broccoli and pumpkin,

but best was meat pie.

But what is my gift to the world?

What is uniquely mine?

It is that gift,

That I need to find,

To succeed in this world,

To succeed as an artist,

I need to find my vision,

My Value.

My Purpose.

Image by Nic Everist

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