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I'm Still Here Collection

A body of work inspired by my favourite sketches and reference images from our trip around Australia last year and in celebration of the fact that I'm Still Here, able to sit here and write this, able to spend time with loved ones and able to continue with my soul work and share my creations with you all after a really scary car accident I had last year mid trip.

I hope you can feel the love and joy poured into each piece and they can be a little reminder to find that joy in your own everyday life.

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Nic Everist is a visual artist and creative mentor working out of her studio in Geelong, Australia. Endlessly inspired by her travels and explorations, Nic loves to visit new places, discover new landscapes and delve into the stories behind them. Whether that be the story of the places she is visiting, or the connection or intrinsic stories that develop through these explorations. Always on a journey of self discovery, Nic enjoys combining her pieces with poems to further invite the viewer into a deeper understanding of the inspiration and meaning of the work.

Working through a number of layers, Nic uses the technique of an acrylic pour to add texture and to create an unpredictable nature to the patterns formed on each piece, then combining this with a more realistic technique to bring each piece into an easily recognisable form. The use of these techniques are aimed to mimic the complexities of our natural environment and draw in the viewer to look for the fine details created, encouraging more focused attention to these details when out exploring in their own worlds.

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