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My Inner Child

Nic Everist is a landscape artist working out of her studio in Geelong. Endlessly inspired by her travels and explorations, Nic loves to visit new places, discover new landscapes and delve into the stories behind them. With this series, Nic revisits her old stomping ground, the Strathbogie Region, where she grew up on her family farm along the 

Sevens Creek. Nic has always been inspired by the tall gums and flora on her family farm, having been exposed to this at a young age through her fathers regeneration projects spending hours on end planting nature corridors along the Sevens Creek. This series is inspired by the natural vegetation of the area, learning the names of the different flora and celebrating the ecosystems that have existed for hundreds of years.

In this series, Nic applies techniques that have been used since the beginning of her practice, specifically fluid pouring to replicate the textures in nature, such as the bark, trees and shrubs. The unpredictable nature of pouring reflects the chaotic design of nature itself and each piece draws in the viewer to look a little closer at the details, to slow down and notice the fine marks created, and in turn, notice those fine details in their own environments. Each piece celebrates species native to the Strathbogie Region and through sharing her own learnings of the flora the viewers will also have the opportunity to learn about the native species as well.

We would like to acknowledge the Wathaurong people of the Kulin Nations as the Traditional Owners of the land where this series was created and also acknowledge the Taungurung People as the Traditional Owners of the land where this collection will be shown, and pay our respect to Elders both past, present and future.

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