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Framing Your Artwork

Framing your piece can seem a bit confusing so here are some handy hints to help!

Framing Your Artwork

I know framing can be a little confusing and difficult at times so I have a few tips to help you make sure the piece of art you’ve just purchased is going to be displayed beautifully and be a nice showcase in your home!


Framing Prints

I offer prints on paper and canvas.


For paper prints, if you’ve received your print rolled in an art tube please be careful with removing it, lay it out on it’s back and let it naturally unroll, no need to put heavy books on the edges as this may form a crease in your print! Yikes! This shouldn’t take long for this to lay flat and ready to be framed. Standard size frames will fit most of my prints however you may need to have a mat board specifically cut for the right size by a framer. 


Matt boards are the white part you see inside the frame and are a great way to really make the piece shine as it brings out all the colours and makes more of a statement on your wall! Remember this is a personal choice so just do what suits you and your vibe.


You can also have your print or original piece on paper mounted on top of a matt border instead of under it.


I’d highly recommend having your print framed by a professional framer as they can help with picking colours, matt boarding and are specialists at handling prints AND pulling them out of art tubes so you can be sure you won’t damage your print.


If handling the print please refer to my Looking After Your Prints section for all the Do’s and Don’ts 

Canvas Prints


Canvas prints can be stretched a few ways (I know stretching sounds bad but I promise it isn’t!)


Gallery wrapped means the canvas is stretched around a frame (No frame on the outside) so it looks just like the original piece. When creating my prints I create a reflective border which is the painting mirrored around the edges so it looks like the painting continues around the canvas and appears just like the original painting!

With this style you can then also have your print box framed which is how I frame the original pieces, my favourite is a light timber box frame called Tasmanian Oak, ask your framer for help with this!


Key things to think about when framing your work is;

  • Make sure you use archival acid free materials

  • Matt borders help the piece to shine

  • Choose something you love – framing can make such a difference so make sure to pick a style that suits you and your home

  • Simple will make the artwork shine

  • …  or go crazy and choose something you will love!

When selecting 'Framed' as an option with my pieces this will come in a standard Tasmanian Oak Box Frame unless specified otherwise at checkout. I can also have the front facing of the frame stained black like the Original Pieces n my La Pachamama Series. If you would like this please be sure to comment this at checkout. 

If you have any concerns or questions please contact me at: and I'll get back to you ASAP.




Original Pieces and Limited Edition Canvas and Paper Prints available


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